Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pandan Pancakes

If you're a Malaysian or know a Malaysian, than you'll know what pandan is. Pandan is a natural flavour from a green plant that grows in tropical areas, such as... Malaysia. Well, it's like a tradition to make pandan CAKE for Eid or MAC (Multicultural Awareness Club) night at our place, but this morning before school I decided to make some yummy, green pandan pancakes with pandan icing. You can't go wrong with icing. So here's my super easy life hack on how to make them. First, you'll need pancake mix that demands one cup of dairy milk and one egg. Instead, I used coconut milk and two eggs because a typical pandan cake recipe requires coconut milk and a large number of eggs to make it more dense. You'll also need pandan flavouring, coconut shredded, sugar, icing sugar and dairy milk.

First step: separate eggs. Mix yolks, one cup of coconut milk, a quarter teaspoon of pandan flavouring, an eighth of a cup of sugar, and one and a quarter cup of pancake mix.
Second step: whisk eggs whites. It doesn't have to be super foamy or forming peaks or anything fancy. As long as it's combined and a little bubbly but the longer the better.
Third step: fold in egg whites into mix with a whisk.
Fourth step: stir in coconut shreded. Cook pancakes.
Fith step: in a separate bowl, mix one cup of icing sugar with a quarter cup of milk and a quarter teaspoon of pandan flavouring.
Step six: drizzle and serve!

In case you're wondering, it taste better than you might think. I personally love it, but I know suspicious green pancakes aren't for everyone. Lol!

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